Listen to DJ Khaled’s new single featuring the royal family, Beyoncé and Jay Z


Beyoncé only took home two of the trillion Grammys she deserved, but, as the new DJ Khaled single will have you know, she’s still winning, winning, winning.

Queen Bey and her king, Jay Z, are featured on DJ Khaled’s new single, “Shining.” And yeah, she’s still not sorry. “All this good, I don’t feel bad for it,” she sings. “If you see me smiling you can’t be mad at it.

It’s a Tidal exclusive right now because, well, consider the people involved. 

The track is from his forthcoming album, Grateful, which features an executive producer credit from his newborn son, Ashad. Hopefully Blue Ivy gets some credit for this track, too.  Read more…

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​Maintaining Potential Building with Residential or commercial property Management

​Looking for Rental Property Manager Boston to serve you in your residential or commercial property needs? Enjoy the article and give Mediate Management a call at the link. Each home that is had by somebody has a various set of job descriptions that are included in it. If you recognize with actual estate, you are additionally possibly acquainted with the functions that are connected to the residential properties that you are on. One of the crucial task summaries for certain residential or commercial properties is in building monitoring.

If you are leasing or having a specific kind of residence, such as a town house, you will certainly more than likely have building administration connected to it. The significant part of the property managers’ task description is to keep the property that you are on. This not just includes routine upkeep, but also includes reconditioning the residential property when it is required. If there are problems with the home, it is up to the residential property manager to make certain that whatever the trouble is can be taken care of. If the structure is old, the building manager will have to identify exactly what to transform in order to enable the location to function to its best capacity without triggering troubles later.

​The residential property supervisors additionally act as a web link between those that are leasing, leasing or functioning towards owning a building and also informing the proprietor what the issue is. If there are maintenance troubles or settlement problems, it is up to residential or commercial property management to earn sure that the problem is cared for. Some home supervisors might also have the duty of providing accountancy maintenance in regard to the payments that are being made. The property supervisor provides a degree of safety that is offered to both proprietors of a property as well as to those that are renting out or renting the location. By having a residential or commercial property supervisor in position, it ensures that there will be specific levels of maintenance in the building that is being rented out along with enable for continuity in one who is renting or renting an area.

The coolest health-tech products we saw at CES 2017


LAS VEGAS – At CES 2017, we previewed some of the coolest health tech set to hit the market.

From a brand new take on the electric breast pump to a discreet way to check sobriety during a night on the town, trust us, there’s a lot of neat stuff on the horizon.

1. Proof

Image: Brian koerber/mashable

The Proof wearable wants to help drinkers keep an eye on their BAC levels. 

The company behind this wristband claims it can measure alcohol molecules through your skin and send data to its corresponding app on your smartphone. And with $100,000 in funding from the National Institutes of Health, plus extensive third-party testing, the company says it stands up against other breathalyzers on the market.  Read more…

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