Mark Cuban rips ESPN reporter after DeAndre Jordan fiasco



It’s the perfect mental image: Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban driving frantically around Houston late at night while sending pleading texts for the home address of DeAndre Jordan, in a desperate panic to reach the star free-agent before he goes back on their deal and signs a new contract with the Los Angeles Clippers

Except that maybe it didn’t happen at all

Now Cuban is royally pissed off at the ESPN reporter who tweeted this alleged tidbit, offering just the latest farcical twist in the saga of Jordan’s free agency

If you’re just catching up: Jordan is a center who was one of the prize catches of this year’s NBA free-agent class. He’s played his entire career for the Los Angeles Clippers, but was reported to have agreed on terms to sign with the Dallas Mavericks once midnight Thursday came around — and free-agents were allowed to sign paperwork Read more…

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