The Grateful Dead come out blazing in Chicago for ‘Fare Thee Well’ tour



CHICAGO — So that’s how it’s going to be, Trey?

The Grateful Dead blew out a bombastic rock show Friday, the first of their three-night Soldier Field finale, and it was Trey Anastasio who lit the fuse. With aggressive attacks, blazing speed and attitude, the Phish guitarist led the band away from the breezy, mellow vibes of its warmup shows in Santa Clara, California — and they never looked back.

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But first, a bit of business: They opened with “Box of Rain,” the wistful “American Beauty” anthem that was the last song the Grateful Dead ever played with Jerry Garcia, right here at this very spot, almost exactly 20 years ago. The band built gorgeous harmonies around Phil Lesh’s vocals, put a little steam in the tempo and caused tears with the callback that ends with the lyric: “Such a long, long time to be gone; and a short time to be there.” Read more…

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