Never Underestimate The Power Of The Adorable Puppy Principle

Last night, a member of my team posted a video to YouTube that shows his two adorable puppies, Colby and Bleu (collectively known as “The Cheeses”), rushing to their food bowls, week after week over the past year. Throughout the video’s one and a half minute run time, viewers can see the puppies grow up before their eyes. Within four hours of posting the video, it has already racked up nearly 250,000 views, been featured on the front page of Reddit, and garnered attention from companies looking to license its content.
All of this sudden attention made my think about how I connect with my own clients. Over the past five years, I’ve spent thousands of hours and incredible sums of money trying to market my company, BodeTree, to the millions of small business owners in the U.S.. I’ve landed coverage in major publications, shared our story on national television numerous times, and engaged some of the brightest consultants I could find. We’ve had success for sure, but we’ve never seen anything take off like the video of “the Cheeses.”


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