MIT’s World’s 50 Smartest Companies — Where Is Apple?

Nowhere. That’s right, nowhere.

If that comes as a surprise to Apple fans, there is an even bigger surprise about this list. Apple’s China competitor (imitator?) Xiaomi is #30 on the list!

Is that an aberration, or bad weighting criteria that favors a young versus an established technology company?

Possibly either. But Apple is way down on the patent list, which is topped by IBM and Samsung. Another aberration? Possibly not. “Apple is living on past reputation,” one of my readers declared in a previous piece.

I wouldn’t go that far. It may be too early for such declaration. At least, Wall Street — and consumers — seems to think so.

Apple topped last year’s Barron’s list of the World’s Most Respected Companies among institutional investors—beating Berkshire Hathaway, Boeing and Google.

Apple’s re-claim of a position at the top of the list reflects a strong rebound in the company’s stock, and is a vote of confidence for the company’s leader Timothy Cook.

Apple received high marks among institutional investors in all five categories surveyed: strong management, sound business strategy, ethical business practices, competitive edge, and revenue and profit growth.

Apple’s Key Financial Metrics


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