4 Keys To A Sustainable Content Marketing Strategy

Positioning an agency as a genuine thought leader in any competitive industry (and nowadays they are ALL competitive) carries the inherent challenge of building an enduring content strategy. The ability to remain in touch with the progression of marketing technology, and to capture it effectively through blogging initiatives, requires that agencies adapt their traditional content production methods to produce social engagement and social capital.

Automating social media and PR is one way of doing this. But it’s not the only way.

Here are some other keys to a sustainable content marketing strategy:

1. Data visualization

Writes Dorie Clark, a noted marketing strategy consultant, “Two recent factors have conspired to make this the moment for data visualization. First is the rise of Big Data and the growing public awareness of its power. Today more than ever, professionals are being asked to argue their cases and make their decisions based on data. But that push outside IT circles means that many non-technical professionals must now produce and comprehend insights from Big Data.

Visualization can help, and a raft of new tools makes that possible.” Nowadays, a business need not spend vast amounts of money to get right with data visualization (dataviz). These recent tools have become continuously more powerful and egalitarian. Far gone are those times when IT had to generate all reports for the non-technical employees. It’s easier than ever before for employees to speedily discover new things in increasingly abundant datasets. Examples include Visual.ly, Tableau, and R.

The more data marketers have on what their audience is doing, the better sustainable content marketing they can strategize.


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