A Talk With A Psychic Gave Me The Courage To Admit My Dream Out Loud

At the age of 26, I returned from my first trip to Paris. It should have been a dream, all expenses paid working as a fashion styling assistant dressing an A-List actress for a multi-million dollar liquor campaign. I assisted my boss who was (and still is) a top Hollywood celebrity fashion stylist, as we pulled clothes from design houses in Paris. During our fitting, the stunning Latina actress we were dressing had the habit of dropping the expensive clothing we were dressing her with on the floor, instead of handing them to me. I didn’t understand why she kept letting the clothes fall to the floor when as an assistant, my sole purpose for existing was to put her clothes back on the hanger, then back on the rack. She could have easily just handed them to me instead of dropping them on the floor and then stepping on them with her shoes.


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